Tandem - implementation, use and feedback collection

The Tandem project (set of tutorials on testing and debugging RedwoodJS applications) introduced first as:

is envisioned as set of more advanced tutorials completely developed by RWJS users, interested in increasing the RedwoodJS even faster adoption on the JAMStack platform.

While I started this project solely to increase RedwoodJS “documentation writers resource pool”, I also understand the width and depth the project and people’s comprehension to step into such murky water. Since the project reached the point where a few chapters on debugging could be written, I will stepin that water myself, expecting that a few reasonably well written tutorials might encourage some company to “play” with me.

As the title of this article mentions the word feedback, I am hoping that solicit feedback on something more concrete than content and architecture discussion may yield more opinions and requests.

Starting with debugging with Chrome DevTools.