RedwoodJS Meetup: January 14th

Join us Thursday, January 14th, from 18:30-19:45 UTC (10:30-11:45 am Pacific)!

Anyone and everyone are welcome to attend. :partying_face:

Topic: Coming Soon to Redwood :rocket:

Demos, Walkthroughs, and Discussion

Presentation Topics (pending confirmation):

  • Current Status on Redwood v1.0 Release :spiral_calendar:
  • The Redwood Tutorial Part 2: Redwood’s Revenge :fire:
  • Highlights from Redwood v0.22 release :sparkles:
  • Demo and Presentation of a Production Redwood App :hammer_and_wrench:


You’ll be able to view the live discussion, participate by chat, or join the live discussion by Video. No video required.

Meetup Registration and Details

Event Registration is Free

Meetup Details

  • Thursday, January 14th from 18:30-19:45 UTC
  • Your local time: 2021-01-14T18:30:00Z2021-01-14T19:45:00Z

Day-of: How to access the Meetup

On Thursday, you’ll access the RedwoodJS Meetup Session from the registration page:


A reminder this Meetup is tomorrow! (details above :point_up:)

We’ll be meeting @clairefro and hearing about the upcoming launch of Redwood Tutorial Translations!

And @KrisCoulson is going to walk us through his real-time Redwood app:


I’ve posted the Meetup Recap with notes, links, and video recording. Check it!