RedwoodJS Meetup: February 11th

Join us Thursday, February 11th, from 18:30-19:45 UTC (10:30-11:45 am Pacific)!

Anyone and everyone are welcome to attend. :partying_face:

Topic: Updates, Demos, and Discussion

Presentation Topics (pending confirmation):

  • Highlights from Redwood recent releases :rocket:
  • Demo and Presentation of a Production Redwood App :hammer_and_wrench:


You’ll be able to view the live discussion, participate by chat, or join the live discussion by Audio and Video (video not required).

Meetup Registration and Details

Event Registration is Free

Meetup Details

  • Thursday, February 11th from 18:30-19:45 UTC
  • Your local time: 2021-02-11T18:30:00Z2021-02-11T19:45:00Z

Day-of: How to access the Meetup

On the day of the Meetup, you’ll access the RedwoodJS Meetup Session from the registration page:

Hard for some people to join during work hours. As such we need to watch these in replay outside work hours, or in the weekends. If the session was recorded I would love to check it out. Thank you.

:100:understood. Turns out Time Zones are hard on several levels…

We record and post all our Meetups. Within a couple of days after the Meetup, we’ll post and link here a Recap thread with notes and the recording link. You can also follow our YouTube channel (plus check out past events): RedwoodJS - YouTube

Somehow I missed this invitation (probably because being busy writing my Windows Development document, I was paying less attention to the RedwoodJ discord channel

Recap post with video recording, topics, and links:

The next RedwoodJS Meetup is on Thursday, February 25th. It’s going to be all about Redwood Prerender :fire: Details and registration here.