January 14th Meetup Recap: Recording, Topics, and Links

Thanks to everyone who joined last week’s meetup! We had a blast and covered some fantastic topics (see respective sections below):

  • The new Console command
  • Update on Redwood v1 release
  • New Test Scenarios feature
  • Launched the Tutorial Part II: Redwood’s Revenge :rocket:
  • Update on the Tutorial translation project
  • And last, but definitely not least, watched a demo and deep-dive of a production Redwood app, TeamStream :tada:

The next RedwoodJS Meetup is on Thursday, February 11th. Details and registration here.

Here’s the recap for each topic:

Video Recording on YouTube

Video with timestamps here :tv:

Topic Recaps and Links

New Console Command

@dom walked us through the new yarn rw console command, which starts an interactive Node shell for your Redwood project.

Redwood v1 Release Update

@mojombo walked through the priorities in-progress for the upcoming Redwood v1, including pretender support (static page generation), full TypeScript support, secure GraphQL endpoints, and more. The goal for release is this March. Say tuned!

New Test Scenarios

@rob showed us the new Scenarios that make testing your Services, and managing mocked data, a breeze!

Introduction Tutorial Part II: Redwood’s Revenge :rocket:

Speaking of the Tutorial, during the Meetup we watched @rob merge the all-new Part II of the Redwood Tutorial, which covers the end-to-end Redwood DX including Tests, Storybook, RBAC, and advanced DB Schemas. Get excited!

TeamStream Demo and Walkthrough: built on Redwood

@KrisCoulson took us for an amazing tour of his product https://teamstream.gg/, which has real-time features thanks to Redwood + Supabase. Do check out the video recording for a walk-through of the interactive UI as well as look under the hood at how he switched to Supabase.

Kris is active and available for questions and conversation both here in the Forums and also on Chat. Reach out and say hello :wave:

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