February 11th Meetup Recap: Recording, Topics, and Links

Last week’s meetup was a blast, covering some exciting topics and presentations:

  1. New Core Team members @forresthayes and @kimadeline
  2. @keith.t.elliott: introducing Redwood Groups and specifically a Startup Support Group
  3. RedwoodJS v0.25: what’s new in Prisma (see below)
  4. @williamimoh: Building Dentry.io with RedwoodJS (see below)
  5. @danny: RedwoodJS Prerendering preview (see below)

The next RedwoodJS Meetup is on Thursday, February 25th. It’s going to be all about the new Redwood Prerender :fire:Details and registration here.

Video Recording on YouTube

Video with timestamps here :tv:

Topic Recaps and Links

RedwoodJS v0.25

@dom walked us through the new Prisma CLI commands and workflow, which uses the new Prisma Migrate:

Dentry.io Presentation and Demo

@williamimoh talked about Dentry.io and how he built the initial version with Redwood in just two weekends! If you’re looking for an entry-level tech job, along with community and resource support, check out Dentry. And if you’re interested in helping William build an amazing community and product, he’s looking for collaborators:

Redwood Prerender (Preview)

@danny gave a preview of the upcoming Redwood Prerender feature, which is coming soon!