Recap: RedwoodJS 1.0 Meetup (April 2022)

Thanks to everyone who joined our 1.0 Meetup! We had a blast hearing from so many people about everything that’s packed inside Redwood v1:

  • 1.0 Overview
  • v1 Launch Week Recap and Announcements
  • New Core Team Member Introductions
  • Redwood-Stripe Example Project [Demo]
  • Design and Test Features [Demo]
  • Auth and Security Features [Presentation]
  • Data and Transport Features: “Building a Todo App in record time with RedwoodJS, MongoDB and Prisma” [Presentation and Demo]
  • Deploy Features [Presentation]
  • Panel with RedwoodJS Co-founders

Video Recording on YouTube

Video with timestamps here :tv:

Topic Recaps and Links

Redwood 1.0 Features and v1 Launch Week Overview

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

@mojombo walked us through Redwood 1.0, including categories of features included out of the box. shared highlights from the amazing v1 Launch Week.

And then @mojombo highlighted his announcement about the new $1M Redwood Startup Fund :rocket:

Presentation Slides
RedwoodJS 1.0 Meetup April 2022-2.pdf (1.0 MB)

New Core Team Member Introductions

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

We welcomed and got to know four new Core Team Members :woman_technologist::woman_technologist::technologist::technologist:

Redwood-Stripe Example Store

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

@chrisvdm game a demo of her project showing a Redwood, including API + DB, that integrates with Stripe checkout:

Chris is currently looking for more people to join the project! Let her know if you’re interested:

Design and Test Features

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

@dom showed us how Storybook component design and Jest testing work with the Redwood-Stripe project, including an E2E test runner with Playwright.

Auth and Security Features

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

@dthyresson gave a presentation about Auth and Security, convering both conceptual approach, Auth Provider options and choices, and features included in Redwood. See this discussion for the full presentation:

Data and Transport Features

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

Building a Todo App in record time with RedwoodJS, MongoDB and Prisma
Tasin Ishmam, Dev Rel at Prisma gave a presentation and demo:

Example Todo Demo Repo

Presentation Slides:
Redwood-meetup-mongo-prisma-redwood.pdf (812.9 KB)

Deploy Features

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

@rob talked about the built-in hosting provider support, which spans serverless to traditional server (using Fastify). He highlighted the new deploy option for a managed server, Baremetal:

Panel with RedwoodJS Co-founders

YouTube Recording Chapter :tv:

Lastly, hosted a panel with the four Redwood Co-founders: @mojombo @peterp @rob and @thedavid


Are there planned office hours in the next few months?

Office Hours and Maker Hour happen every Wednesday in our Discord! Just drop in and say :wave: Anytime!

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