Help wanted maintaining Redwood + Stripe example store

Hi All! :wave:

I’m Chris (chrisvdm (chris) · GitHub), core team member here at Redwood and I’m working on the Stripe example store (GitHub - redwoodjs/example-store-stripe: Redwood Example Store with Stripe Checkout Integration). It’s part two of the roadmap for the redwoodjs-stripe integration package (GitHub - chrisvdm/redwoodjs-stripe: A Redwood/Stripe integration made easy (WIP)).

Most startups need to accept payments. We want this example store to be a reference of how to integrate Redwood with Stripe. Right now it shows you how you can checkout using Stripe Checkout, view billing portals, and store customer information using a combination of tools from Redwood and Stripe. The idea is to add more to it as more features become available in the package and eventually replace the vanilla code with package code once the MVP is available.

I’d like to continue working on the code for the integration package but need some help maintaining the example store. It’s at a pretty good place where it works and is ready for contributors to iron out some of the smaller (or bigger) details.

Feel free to make suggestions and start discussions about anything (relating to the example).