V1 Launch Week Recap

:mailbox_with_mail: You’re Invited: RedwoodJS Meetup on April 28th
We’re hosting a Redwood 1.0 meetup. Come join the community as we dive into the features, projects, partners, and people that make Redwood amazing.

Details and Free Registration on Lu.ma

The v1 Launch Week was an incredible experience for the Core Team and community. We couldn’t be more proud! Releasing the final 1.0.0 kicked off the week, but by no means was it the only highlight. Below is the recap of everything that happened from announcements to events to demos to feedback.

If you’re excited about Redwood and looking to take a next step on your journey, here are some opportunities for you to dive in and get involved.

1. Start the Tutorial
The best way to learn Redwood is to go through the Redwood Tutorial.

2. Join the Community
The best way to ensure success with the Tutorial (or anything else you build) is to join the Redwood Community. Individuals that lean into the helpful, vibrant community from the start have gone on to launch startups, join the Core Team, and advance their career. We’d love to have you participate!

3. Come to Office Hours or Makers Hour
Every week we have two collaborattive opportunities for you to get started, get help, and help others. The events are hosted weekly on Redwood Discord server. Here’s the link to the April 20th Office Hours. And here’s the April 20th Makers Hour link.

:mega: Announcements

Redwood 1.0 Release

Throughout each stage of development, from design to deployment, Redwood’s integrated features create the workflow you need to iterate more quickly, catch bugs earlier and more often, deploy more frequently, and (when you’re ready) scale your development team.

…from Redwood 1.0 is Now Available :rocket:

$1M Funding for the Redwood Project

I am committing $1,000,000 to RedwoodJS development over the next year.

…from Tom Preston-Werner’s “Announcing RedwoodJS 1.0 and $1M Funding”

The Redwood Startup Fund

Today I’m pleased to announce the Redwood Startup Fund: a $1M fund that will invest $25k–$50k in startups that use RedwoodJS as a primary component in their stack.

…from Tom Preston-Werner’s “Introducing the Redwood Startup Fund”

Product Hunt

Myself and the whole team have absolutely loved using RedwoodJS so far. Adopting it has been a developers dream and a hiring managers fantasy!

— Matt Perrott

…from RedwoodJS page comments on Product Hunt

Hacker News

They did a really nice job creating an awesome experience by having picked up a nice set of tools and bundling them together. IMHO It is the first true full stack Javascript/Typescript framework that thought on all the important details: logging, great tutorial, community that helps, etc.

…from a comment on the Hacker News post for v1 Launch Week

:spiral_calendar: Events and Recordings

Redwood Startup Showcase

Startups built with Redwood have raised over $19.5M in the past six months. :exploding_head: Come watch both funded startups and indie devs share their experience with Redwood and the community.

Event Description and YouTube Link

Partner Office Hours

Redwood has over 25 partner integrations covering deployment, authentication, databases, and more. During these two Office Hour sessions, we’ll sit down with representatives from many partner companies. The format will be casual and intended for Q&A and open discussion.

Event Description and YouTube Link

Startup Office Hours + Redwood Fund Announcement

edwood is all about helping more startups explore more territory more quickly. Join us for Office Hours Q&A and discussion about startups with the Core Team and founders using Redwood.

Event Description and YouTube Link

Tom’s New Startup Showcase Interviews

Danny Choudhury is founder of Tape, a video recording and collaboration tool built with RedwoodJS.
YouTube Recording

Ryan Chenkie and Tom Preston-Werner run through CourseLift — Ryan’s new startup that helps course makers publish and market their online courses. You’ll also learn how Ryan used RedwoodJS to develop and deploy his app in record time.
YouTube Recording

:hugs: Positive Vibes

:hammer_and_wrench: Examples Apps, Articles, and Partner Demos + Walkthroughs

Stripe Example Store







Serverless Framework




That’s all for now…

Like I wrote at the beginning, last week was a significant milestone for everyone who’s participated in the project and community over the past two years. To each and every one of you, I offer a massive “Thank You!” for making the Redwood motto more true than it’s ever been:

By helping each other be successful with Redwood, we make the Redwood project successful.

Yes, yes indeed.

And we’re just getting started :rocket:

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