Redwood v1 Launch Week: April 4th - 7th

On April 4th, RedwoodJS goes 1.0!

We’ll be celebrating all week with a series of announcements and events around the Redwood ecosystem.

It all leads up to a BIG announcement on Thursday.

The Redwood is now Available :rocket:

We’ve moved the schedule to this page:


Just caught a last minute bug:

yarn create redwood-app ./redwoodblog
cd redwoodblog
yarn redwood dev

then open the browser at http://localhost:8910/ and click on the big red Tutorial button. Observe that the browser opens this same page in a new window.

This would be a big embarrassment tomorrow :hot_face:


Great Catch!! I’m on it :white_check_mark:

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The ability to find minuscule bugs on other people’s code while filing to see giant bugs in my own code is my lifetime jinx


Amen, and why we do love a Redwood to build on !!

They’re opinionated, so I don’t have to be !!


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For those that missed it, here’s the Launch Week Recap :rocket: