Redwood 1.0 is Now Available 🚀

:mega: Redwood 1.0 Launch Week is happening now!
Announcements, events, and updates are happening all week, leading up to a BIG announcement on Thursday. Come join us!

Full Schedule and Events :spiral_calendar:

:fire: Announcing $1M Funding

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Today, we proudly announce Redwood 1.0:

  • 5,751 commits
  • 2,504 merged PRs
  • 330 individual contributors
  • two years since the release of v0.1

RedwoodJS Community, you’ve created a masterpiece. Well done! :rocket:

On a mission to help you go from side-project to startup, fast

Redwood is a full-stack, feature-rich, and end-to-end-integrated app framework designed to help teams use the best of modern tools to deploy to the best of modern infrastructure. With Redwood, you get React, GraphQL, Prisma, Jest, Storybook, and so much more ready to go from the moment you type “create redwood-app”. And when it’s time to deploy, either to serverless or traditional infrastructure, just run “setup deploy” at the command line.

We are on a mission is to help more startups explore more territory, more quickly. In the past six months, startups using Redwood have raised over $19M in funding.

Ready to get started? Here’s the path to success with Redwood:

  1. Begin the Redwood Tutorial
  2. Join the Community because nobody has to go it alone

We can’t wait to see what you create.

1.0 Highlights :tada:

Throughout each stage of development, from design to deployment, Redwood’s integrated features create the workflow you need to iterate more quickly, catch bugs earlier and more often, deploy more frequently, and (when you’re ready) scale your development team.


Mockup, build and verify components in Storybook, even in complete isolation from the backend. Work on design without worrying about data.


Whether it’s TDD or DDT, Redwood uses Jest along with mocks (MSW) and scenarios to verify functionality on the frontend and the backend.

Auth & Security

Redwood is seriously secure, by default. Lock down your front and backends with your own self-hosted auth or integrate with nearly a dozen third-party auth providers. Verify access with RBAC and Validations.

Data & Transport

When your API is GraphQL you’re ready for any client, from the browser to native mobile apps and more. Transform your data with Directives and keep your business logic organized and reusable within Services.


Deploy your app to serverless hosts like Netlify and Vercel, build for containers, or deploy to bare metal.

Scale Your Team

Growing your team can be as challenging as growing your product. From the instant you install to the day you’re ready to hire, the Redwood community is where relationships go from collaboration to co-founder.


Unique contributors: 330
PRs merged: 2,504

Release 1.0.0 on GitHub

How to Upgrade

If you are upgrading from a version other than v0.50 (or v1.0.0-rc), there may be breaking changes or required code modifications. See the 1.0.0 Release on GitHub for more information.

Upgrade Packages from v0.50 (or v1.0.0-rc) to v1.0.0

Run the following command within your App’s directory:

yarn redwood upgrade

Don’t forget to git commit the updated yarn.lock file :white_check_mark:

Upgrading from an earlier version?

Please follow the “how to upgrade” sections for each newer version here :point_right: Releases · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub — there may be manual code mods needed for each version.

You’ll need to step through code modification and upgrade instructions for each specific version.

Need help or having trouble upgrading packages?

See this forum topic for manual upgrade instructions and general upgrade help.

Redwood Releases on GitHub

You can see all Redwood release notes and version history on GitHub


Well done to everyone involved on getting to this significant milestone.