Upgrade Guide: v0.39 and v1.0.0-rc ⬆️

This is the upgrade guide for both v0.39 and v1.0.0-rc. If you haven’t already, first read the respective Release Notes:

:sparkles: Automated Codemods

Many upgrade steps can be completed using the @redwoodjs/codemods package (preview feature). Amazing!

There are a few things you should know in order to get the most out of this preview feature:

  1. Start by saving the current state of your project with git — there should be no uncommitted changes. This way, if you ever need to re-try or rollback a codemod step, you can easily revert using git.
  2. Always review the file changes after you run a codemod. They’re going to be accurate 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is on you.

1. Update Babel Config

Required for all projects.

:rocket: Codemod Available

To implement this step via automated codemod, run:

npx @redwoodjs/codemods@latest update-babel-config

The release simplifies Redwood’s internal Babel config, resulting in the following changes:

  • .babelrc files are no longer supported — use web/babel.config.js or api/babel.config.js instead
  • using a root babel.config.js file is no longer supported

See the new Babel Doc.

Click to show Manual steps

To upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. root ./babel.config.js
    • if the root file contains config (other than ‘@redwoodjs/core/config/babel-preset’), the config should be moved to a respective web/babel.config.js or api/babel.config.js file
    • then remove babel.config.js from the root of your project
  2. web/.bablerc
    • if custom config is present, rename this file to babel.config.js and remove the “extends” property.
    • remove .babelrc from web/

2. Rename Router paramType Properties

This only applies if you’re using custom paramTypes for your Routes.

:rocket: Codemod Available

To implement this step via automated codemod, run:

npx @redwoodjs/codemods@latest update-router-paramTypes
Click for manual steps

Make the following changes within `web/src/Routes.{js,tsx}

  1. Search for constraint. If Route param is found, rename to match
  2. Search for transform. If Route param is found, rename to parse

3. Node.js package.json Engine

Recommended for all projects.

This version increases the minimum Node.js version. (See #3761)

It is recommend to update ./package.json:

  "engines": {
-    "node": ">=14.x <=16.x",
+    "node": ">=14.17 <=16.x",

4. Update your Cell Mocks

This only applies if you custom implementation exports an object.

Cell standard mocks no longer support object exports.

:rocket: Codemod Available

To implement this step via automated codemod, run:

npx @redwoodjs/codemods@latest update-cell-mocks
Click for manual steps

Follow these steps for each of your .mock.{js,ts} files (if applicable):

  1. Finds all Cell mock files (used in tests and storybook) by searching for the extension Cell.mock.{js,ts}
  2. Change the standard export to be a function instead of an object. For example:
- export const standard = {
-   todosCount: 42,
+ export const standard = () => {
+  return {
+    todosCount: 42
+  }

5. Accessing API Paths

Only applies to projects using Redwood’s built-in API globals, e.g. library authors.

Redwood’s internal API globals have been changed to reflect new configuration options.

If you are using these in your projectm they are now exposed as:


See the following Doc

6. Upgrade Tailwindcss to v3

May not apply to all projects

Redwood’s setup command now installs Tailwindcss at v3. If your project uses Tailwindcss, upgrading is recommended.

  1. Upgrade the dependency by running these commands:
yarn workspace web remove tailwindcss
yarn workspace web add --dev tailwindcss@next
  1. If tailwind.config.js exists in web/config, rename the purge prop to content. If that prop is’t there at all, then it has to be added with this value:
content: ['src/**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}']
  1. Follow the official Tailwindcss Upgrade Guide

7. Use Tailwindcss for Scaffolds

Optional and only applies to projects using Tailwindcss and generated Scaffolds.

If a project is using Tailwindcss, the generated Scaffolds will now automatically use Tailwindcss. (See #3644)

If you already have a scaffold.css and want the Tailwind-enabled one instead, there are two things you can do:

  1. Delete your existing web/src/scaffold.css file and then re-generate any one of your scaffolds with the --force flag (note that this will overwrite any changes you’ve made to the scaffold pages/components)

  2. Copy the Tailwind-enabled scaffold.css template from the Redwood repo here and overwrite web/src/scaffold.css

8. dbAuth: Harden getCurrentUser() Implementation

Required for projects using dbAuth

If you are using dbAuth, the default getCurrentUser() function in api/src/lib/auth.js returns a complete user record in your database.

You may not be aware, but anything returned from getCurrentUser() is sent down to the client, and could be viewed by anyone who inspects requests back and forth to the server. Starting with this release we’re only returning the id field on the user by default, and it’s up to the developer to add more fields. If you want to update your getCurrentUser() to match our newly generated code, replace yours with this:

export const getCurrentUser = async (session) => {
  return await db.user.findUnique({
    where: { id: session.id },
    select: { id: true }

9. Upgrade Azure Active Directory Auth from msal to @azure/msal-*

Required for projects using Azure Auth.

If you are using Azure auth: Microsoft has deprecated msal in favor of @azure/msal-browser, which introduces OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant with PKCE instead of Implicit Flow.

Long story short, you need to make a few changes:

  1. Update your Application registration.
  2. Replace dependency msal with @azure/msal-browser in web/package.json. Example here
    • yarn workspace web remove msal
    • yarn workspace web add @azure/msal-browser
  3. Replace import reference UserAgentApplication from msal to PublicClientApplication from @azure/msal-browser in web/App.{js,tsx}. Example here.

Lastly, this version now uses redirect instead of popup as some browsers may disable popup on first click.

:checkered_flag: You’re almost done

Don’t forget to upgrade your packages!

Head back over to the Release Notes if you need specific instructions:


Worked like charm. Thanks and congratulations to the core team for reaching this milestone.

For everyone who uses tailwind plugins: You need to upgrade those as well. E.g.:


yarn workspace web remove @tailwindcss/forms  
yarn workspace web add @tailwindcss/forms@next  


yarn workspace web remove @tailwindcss/typography  
yarn workspace web add @tailwindcss/typography@next  

No more .babelrc in my project but still getting this error. Anyone else have this issue?

Here’s the offending line of code: redwood/checkForBabelConfig.js at 47e66f51bea962a310e930e08ba24a1a68c4316d · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub


Running yet another yarn nuke seems to have solved it. I really do wonder where this mysterious babelrc was hiding :ghost:

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Documenting another issue I had with tailwind/postcss

web | ERROR in ./src/index.scss (../node_modules/@redwoodjs/core/node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[0].oneOf[5].use[1]!../node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[0].oneOf[5].use[2]!../node_modules/sass-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[0].oneOf[5].use[3]!./src/index.scss)
web | Module build failed (from ../node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js):
web | Error: PostCSS plugin autoprefixer requires PostCSS 8.
web | Migration guide for end-users:
web | https://github.com/postcss/postcss/wiki/PostCSS-8-for-end-users

Solution is to downgrade autoprefixer (stackoverflow link)

"autoprefixer": "^9.0.0"