Redwood v1.0.0-rc is now available 🎉

After more than 18 months, 85 releases, and 4,710 commits by 261 contributors, Redwood has reached the v1.0.0 release candidate milestone. This means:

  1. the core v1 features are complete
  2. there will be no more breaking changes (:crossed_fingers:)
  3. Redwood is near production-ready (and currently very stable)

Most importantly, it’s amazing. We couldn’t be more excited for you to try it out!

:spiral_calendar: RedwoodJS Meetup: December 9th
Join us for a very special RedwoodJS Meetup next Thursday! With v1.0.0-rc as the focus, there will be presentations, demos, and discussions from community members and startup founders. You won’t want to miss it!

There are countless people to thank, from community contributors to teams at Prisma, Netlify, Vercel, Render, Supabase, The Guild, Storybook, Chakra-UI, and many others. Most of all, a huge “thank you” goes to the spectacular Redwood Core Team. Well done, everyone :tada:

Designed to go from Prototype to growing Startup

More than any other framework, Redwood is much greater than the sum of its features. Although it was inspired by changes in modern tools and infrastructure, technology performance was not the top priority (although important). Instead, Redwood focused on a human design goal from the very start — make product teams successful.

Redwood expands the boundary of what a framework can do in order to optimize for CI/CD performance.

This is why we’ve relentlessly pursued developer experience about everything from “golden path” conventions to code generators to ensuring long-term maintainability. The backbone of every integration is a full-stack development and deployment lifecycle, whether on serverless or traditional hosting. Out of the box Redwood includes a full test suite and Storybook integration. The installation codebase comes with zero config (Redwood does all the config for you). React state is much simpler to reason about and manage. Out of the box, GraphQL JustWorks™, securely, across the stack.

Every week more individuals and startups are building products with Redwood. We couldn’t be more stoked to see them grow. :rocket:

README Driven Development

The README vision and roadmap has evolved quite a bit from its original state. But over all, Redwood stayed true to the foundational building blocks. Here is the short list of features included after running yarn create redwood-app:

  • best-in-class, multi-client, secure-by-default, cache-ready GraphQL API (with built-in directives)
  • full TypeScript support
  • both serverless and serverful (traditional) hosting ready, including built-in setup and deploy commands
  • innovative React Cell components with declarative data fetching and state, providing “islands of interactivity” page architecture
  • logging
  • a11y (accessibility) built into the Router and Storybook
  • route prerendering
  • end-to-end test suite, including mocks, scenarios, and test DB
  • integrated Storybook that works with Cells (state) and includes mocks, preconfigured to work with Tailwindcss and Chakra-UI (which can be enabled with a single-step setup command)
  • generators to quickly create boilerplate code and scaffold CRUD
  • Prisma integration to manage DB schema, queries, and migrations
  • and so much more… (Don’t believe me? Then check out the Redwood documentation.)

Like I said. Amazing :star_struck:

Getting started

(or, for you early adopters, upgrading)

Release Highlights and Changelog

Along with existing features, this release includes several new features we think you’ll be excited about.

:zap:Chakra-UI Integration
Thanks to the fantastic team at Chakra-UI (a simple, modular and accessible component library), you can now enable Chakra-UI with a single command. As a bonus, Chakra-UI comes pre-configured to work with Storybook. (See PR#3715)

:racing_car: Fastify Node.js Server
Deploying Redwood with yarn redwood serve? Well, your production deployment just got an enhancement thanks to Igor Savin! There’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of Fastify other than deploy. Performance === boosted!

:microscope: Experimental RedwoodRecord
This release includes an experimental package called RedwoodRecord . It’s modeled off of ActiveRecord from Ruby on Rails. It’s an ORM that wraps Prisma and provides class-based access to your data. We’re calling it “experimental” because we don’t really know how the community is going to react to it, and the API isn’t fully baked. But it’s ready to try and feedback is needed!

Full Changelog and Breaking Changes

Be sure to check out the release Changelog. And, if you’re upgrading, don’t miss the section about breaking changes. (Don’t worry, we have you covered in our upgrade guide.)

How To: Start a New Redwood Project

Getting started with Redwood for the first time? Here’s how (just make sure your system meets our Yarn and Node.js version requirements):

yarn create redwood-app ./my-redwood-project
cd my-redwood-project
yarn redwood upgrade --tag rc
yarn rw dev

After that, you’ll definitely want to check out the following links. The best way to learn Redwood is the Tutorial. And there’s a helpful, dynamic community available to join you along the way:

How To: Upgrading

For those of you upgrading your project, there’s a a step-by-step guide including automated code modifications. So upgrading your Redwood project is a snap. Just follow along here:

Note: We plan to continue frequent minor and patch releases, which we’ll bundle into new release candidates about once a month. You can follow either version path, latest semver or release candidate, as we approach a complete 1.0.0.

What’s next?

Although this is a major milestone for Redwood, we’re not done yet! Expect a GA v1.0.0 in the first half of 2022.

Before then, there’s all kinds of ways you can participate as both a creator and a contributor. You’re invited to join us as we head towards v1.0.0 and beyond :rocket:


Wow, it`s a good news, a lot of work has been done.


Congrats everyone!! :rocket: :facepunch:


I can’t say enough about how I have loved Redwood JS !! From inception to v1.0 it’s been nothing but the best framework I’ve ever used. May it grow long and tall !! Redwood Team !! You Rock !!!


VERY exciting! Congratulations!


Very, very exciting! Congrats to everyone who has worked so hard to get to this milestone. I hope to get back to building something on redwood very soon!

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:wave: We miss you @mbush92! But robots come first :robot:

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Miss being around! We’ve about tripled our business this year with almost all of the growth coming after we launched the new product in April. Busy I have been!

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I hope the video hits the RWUTube soon!! Two other meetings while driving…