Types do not get recognized when generated


i have a very annoying problem: whenever i change something in the schema.prisma or an sdl file and do a yarn rw g types the new types do not get recognized (even if i restart TS server, prisma language server, and graphql)
until i manually open the corresponding d.ts file where the files are described.

that is super annoying, because i never really know if i did something wrong or the new types were not recognized.

i am running vscode on latest win 11.

Any help or idea would be great!!

Thanks a lot!

Hi @pcace let’s see if we can help or narrow down.

Can you reproduce consistently or share some steps that reproduce?

One thing to check is I see red squiggles - How to fix type warnings in VS Code

Sometimes VSCode for some reason just doesn’t pick up new types and other file changes.

Often a simple reload window or restart of typescript can resolve.