Team TypeScript ⚡️: for those who want to help add TS Support

Continuing conversation from this TypeScript tracking Issue

Looking to help with Redwood’s TS initiative? You’re in the right place! Please reply to let us know you are interested and if there are specific ways you’d be excited to contribute (specs, implementation, tests, QA, docs, instruction, etc).

There’s no pressure here, of course. There have been multiple people over time who have offered to help and so far we have yet to organize an effort beyond the Issue linked above. So this is our step toward some momentum.

Thanks in advance!

(Have any questions? Feel free to DM.)



Well, ok then. Going once… :wink:

sorry I put a like on the post, but I guess that doesn’t communicate very well… I would like to be involved. I’ve written multiple ground up web apps (mostly for personal projects, but one for work) using Typescript, React and graphql (even dabbled with old prisma/graphcool). Redwoodjs seems like it is trying to solve and simplify a lot of the problems I had and making some of the same decisions I would make.

I would love to help. Not sure exactly where I best fit, or a good place to start. Let me know.

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Fantastic and will do! It might be a week or two as I (we) get organized, but you’ll definitely hear back with a next step. And thanks in advance :rocket:

(Ah, just took a look at the likes… @sam you’re definitely on the list as well.)

Keep me in the loop, but I don’t think I have a lot of implementation bandwidth right now :sweat:

(Maybe I shouldn’t have liked the post :joy: but just trying to show support.)

I can probably contribute on docs / QA some though!

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Hi everyone :wave:

I’m new here, came from the CascadiaJS tweet.

Anyway, I’d love to help! I write TS code for work, and this would give me the perfect excuse to play around with RedwoodJS :grimacing:

Would the team be open to contributions from peeps with little to no experience with RedwoodJS (aka me)?


Hi @kimadeline Huge thanks in advance for offering to jump in and help. We will definitely take you up on it :rocket:

Well, since RWJS was announced just last month, we measure “experienced” in increments of weeks. So last week’s rookies are this week’s veterans. :joy:That said, you’ll get up to speed in no time. But when/if you’re looking to learn more, the Redwood Tutorial is a great place to start.


Awesome, thank you for the warm welcome!

Alrighty then :joy:

Thank you for the link to the tutorial, I’ll check it out :+1:


@thedavid Hi David!
I would love to chip in. I just recently opened a PR to the redwood repo and all the time working on the feature I really lacked the help of TS types in especially the cli package. Let me know how I can help out


Fantastic and will do! Peter and I are going to regroup next week. And after that I’ll be in touch with a gameplan.

Huge thanks for jumping in and helping out :guitar:

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Would love to help where I can, even if it’s just PR reviews.


Thanks @jmreidy We’re grateful! And we’ll be in touch.

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I’m still exploring Redwood, but really enthusiastic with everything I’ve seen so far! I work with TypeScript on a daily basis since 2015, co-authored a couple of books on the topic, however not really into sophisticated Webpack setups (at least at the moment :wink:). So, I will be glad to help, if I feel my contribution can be helpful!


Thanks @iam! We’d be excited to have your help.

Had a good conversation/planning with the core team yesterday. So things are in progress. We’ll be in touch!

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Would love to help in in the implementation. I have written many side projects with TS, and this can help me contribute to RedwoodJS.

I’ve been using TypeScript for pretty much all my client projects over the past few years and work with react, ts, and prisma stack everyday, happy to help contribute to the implementation!

Thank you, @Jfelx and @narciero :tada: I have you on the list!

Add me too! Would love to help out.

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Hi all! This thread, and most importantly you, have not been forgotten.

Peter has been super busy getting the foundation of Redwood Auth ready to go. And it’s coming soon!

Regarding TS, we have been making (slow) progress on internal planning and auditing the current .js config/features that don’t translate 1-to-1 as TS implementations. Our goal is to create a draft plan and then organize a larger group meeting with you all.

Current Help: Issue-based Conversation

For the near-term, it would be most helpful to get your feedback and comments about @aldonline’s remarks on this Issue:

And the proposal by @mohsen and discussion on this Issue:


Count me in as well :slight_smile: