Roadmap to v1.0

If you’ve made your way over to recently, you might’ve noticed this nicely-folded map icon now takes first-place on the left nav:


That’s because we just published our Roadmap to 1.0! And it’s first on the nav for a reason: it’s our focus. We intend to hit 1.0 by the end of the year. That means we have four months!

It’s not going to be easy, and there’s more than a lot to do. But we’re confident we can get it all done precisely because of how fast we’ve gotten to where we are now. We mentioned it in our first newsletter, and we’ll mention it here again: Redwood wouldn’t be where it is without its community. And it’s definitely not going to be 1.0 without it either!

So if you’ve been wanting to contribute to Redwood, there’s never been a better time. Some of Redwood’s most critical moments are ahead of us. And every contribution during this period goes towards helping developers like you at scale.

If you need some help getting started, @thedavid will fill you in at the RedwoodJS Meetup this Friday. Don’t miss it! And as always, don’t hesitate to ask us here on the forum.

What went into making the Roadmap

Now for a bit about what went into making the Roadmap. Defining 1.0 is hard. It’s an organizational feat, a bit of a balancing act, and to top it all off, it’s ongoing. Certain things, like Prerendering, were obvious musts. But in writing it, there are things we realized we haven’t really even thought about yet, like Performance, that need to be addressed.

That means there are probably a few more things that aren’t even on the Roadmap that should be–the unknown unknowns. So while we’re calling for contributions to help us get to 1.0, we’re also calling for contributions to the Roadmap itself. See something missing? Tell us. Anything unclear? Let us know. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Back to the Roadmap: we wanted to make approaching the problem of 1.0 as palatable as possible, so we chose to divide the endeavor into 14 major categories. But just dividing things up into categories doesn’t answer the question of how far along we are with any given one, so we made a Shape-Up inspired color-key to provide that information at a glance:


Scanning the Roadmap right now, you’ll see that things are pretty evenly split between “Figuring it out” (yellow) and “Making it happen” (blue). And you didn’t even have to go to GitHub to figure that out.

To complement the Roadmap’s high-level overview, we made a corresponding GitHub project for each category. Refer to the Roadmap for the forest and the GitHub project for the trees. Note that, like the Roadmap, the GitHub projects aren’t airtight–there are bound to be stray issues we haven’t listed yet. All in due time.

Questions? Feedback? Rockets? :rocket: Thanks for reading, and as always, it’s a pleasure to build with you all!


Hello there. How is the roadmap doing lately? Can we expect an update? And of course, wishing for that elusive 1.0.

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We are So. Very. Close. to a release candidate for v1.

Give us a release cycle or two. Updates to the roadmap coming soon as well!