RedwoodJS v0.18.0 🚀

v0.18.0 Highlights

  • Supabase Authentication Provider :closed_lock_with_key:
  • More Typescript and Conventions Support :zap:
    • Custom Babel plugin mapping imports made against directories to files matching the directory name. Works across a project (both web/ and api/) #1102
    • Router type definitions #1110


  • Generators : quote paths and keywords with <tt> instead of quotation marks in JSX template generator #1094 by turadg



Breaking :warning:

nothing to see here :see_no_evil:

How to upgrade RedwoodJS to v0.18.0

:point_right: IMPORTANT: Skipping versions when upgrading is not recommended and will likely cause problems. Do read through all Release Notes between your current version and this latest version. Each minor release will likely require you to implement breaking change fixes and apply manual code modifications.

Upgrade Packages

Run the following command within your App directory:

yarn rw upgrade

To run the upgrade command, your project must be using v0.6.0 or greater. See this forum topic for manual upgrade instructions and general upgrade help.

Redwood Releases on GitHub

You can see all Redwood release notes and version history on GitHub


You can see an example of Signup vs Login #1057 at Example blog with Netlify and RBAC.

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