RedwoodJS v0.16.0 🤩

v0.16.0 Highlights

Deploy to Vercel! :tada:

Check out our Example Blog live on Vercel.

Redwood is designed for serverless architecture deployment, and now there are two officially supported deploy targets:

  1. Netlify
  2. Vercel

If you would like to try it out, read our deployment documentation.

A huge thank to the @styfle and the team at Vercel, and @thedavidprice and @cannikin for working on this feature!

Role based access control (RBAC)

Hot off @dthyresson’s keystrokes comes RBAC to Redwood! We’ve enhanced the great semantics of our authentication implementation with a few small additions, first off on the API side, tell Redwood which role your currentUser has:

// src/lib/auth.js

export const getCurrentUser = (decoded) => {
  // get user from the database, token, etc.
  const user = await db.user.findOne({ where: { sub: sub.decoded } })
  return {
+    roles: ['admin'],

- export const requireAuth = () => {
+ export const requireAuth = ({ roles } = { roles: [] }) => {

  if (!context.currentUser) {
    throw new AuthenticationError("You are not authenticated")
+  // We now check that the current user's role matches!
+  if (!roles.some((role) => context.currentUser.roles.includes(role))) {
+   throw new AuthenticationError("You are not authenticated")
+  }

And invoke it in your services:

export const blogPosts = () => {
-   requireAuth()
+  requireAuth({ roles: ['admin'] })
// fetch blogPosts...

On the web side we’ve introduced a new hasRole hook:

const { isAuthenticated, hasRole } = useAuth()

{hasRole('admin') && (
  <Link to={routes.admin()}>Admin</Link>

And a way to protect routes by role:

  <Private unauthenticated="forbidden" role="admin">
    <Route path="/settings" page={SettingsPage} name="settings" />
    <Route path="/admin" page={AdminPage} name="sites" />
  <Route path="/forbidden" page={ForbiddenPage} name="forbidden" />

Check out the auth documentation for more information



  • Added roles to @redwoodjs/auth , @dthyresson #939
  • A way to generate pages with route parameters, doing yarn rw g page post {id} will now add the parameter to the route’s path and page component. @Tobbe #882
  • Added the webpack-retry-chunks plugin, @dac09 #929
  • Add descriptions to yarn rw test command, @forresthayes #950


  • Fixed a bug in the GraphQLClientConfig of the GraphQLAuthProvider, @hemildesai #931
  • Fixed intermittent connection issues between webpack and dev-server proxy, @hemildesai #940
  • Make data migration call process.exit(1) when failing, @MontelAle #948
  • Remove the warning about production usage and Prisma, @amorriscode #958
  • Add a proper way to remove history listeners @peterp #959

Breaking :warning:

ImportAll.macro removed

We deprecated importAll.macro in v0.13.0, and now we’ve finally removed it. You’ll need to change your api/src/functions/graphql.js file to the following:

import {
} from '@redwoodjs/api'
-import importAll from '@redwoodjs/api/importAll.macro'
-const schemas = importAll('api', 'graphql')
-const services = importAll('api', 'services')
+import schemas from 'src/graphql/**/*.{js,ts}'
+import services from 'src/services/**/*.{js,ts}'

import { db } from 'src/lib/db'

export const handler = createGraphQLHandler({
  schema: makeMergedSchema({
    services: makeServices({ services }),

How to upgrade RedwoodJS to v0.16.0

  1. Check out the breaking changes to importAll.macro .
  2. Our Prisma Dynamic Plugin Provider is no longer required:

Remove it from package.json

"devDependencies": { - "netlify-plugin-prisma-provider": "^0.3.0" },

Remove it from netlify.toml

- [[plugins]]	
- package = 'netlify-plugin-prisma-provider'	
-  [plugins.inputs]	
-  path = 'api/prisma/schema.prisma'

You must run yarn rw db save to create a new migration.

If you’re stuck please ask for help on our community, or read the deployment docs

:point_right: IMPORTANT: Skipping versions when upgrading is not recommended and will likely cause problems. Do read through all Release Notes between your current version and this latest version. Each minor release will likely require you to implement breaking change fixes and apply manual code modifications.

Upgrade Packages

Run the following command within your App directory:

yarn rw upgrade

To run the upgrade command, your project must be using v0.6.0 or greater. See this forum topic for manual upgrade instructions and general upgrade help.

Redwood Releases on GitHub

You can see all Redwood release notes and version history on GitHub