RedwoodJs and React Native

Unfortunately not. Our work on totally restructuring auth has been taking longer than expected. But it’s finally ready to ship. Hopefully later this week. After that focus is going to be React18 and Vite (including SSR support). From what it looks like right now I wouldn’t expect any news regarding mobile support until April at the earliest.

Hi all! I will comment this here for consideration as an extra side, apart from React Native and Solito (which i think is great!). Today I have achieved to build and Android APK based on the rw’s web side using Capacitor.js, it is a simple example but could be the foundation to add the first side for mobile.

For sure someone else has done it first but it has not been officially promoted in Redwood. So I would like to know if you would consider taking a look at this, and analyze if it would be suitable in the Redwood Roadmap, I can help exposing with my findings in this topic.

C.C: @Tobbe

@disistemas I think @pi0neerpat uses capacitor for a production app. But as you said, not sure if anything is written about it. Would be awesome if you could write a guide for others to follow in a separate thread here on the forums!

@Tobbe the article is here: I’ll be writing the guide as soon as possible.

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Awesome! Looking forward to it!

@Tobbe Would you be able to share a small update on the team’s current stance on a first party mobile side? Is it still on the radar or has it become more complicated by the shift in Bighorn to React Server Components or otherwise de-prioritized due to the availability of CapacitorJS as laid out by disistemas and arimendelow in Show & Tell?

There is also a more recent comment by Jedidiah on the discord regarding something interesting to do with React Native Server Components in #rwjs-conference but I was unable to find the relevant conference video that would’ve sparked their comment. But maybe they just meant React Server Components.

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It’s not that server components make this any harder, but currently the team just doesn’t have the capacity to work on this. Especially with the focus on RSCs taking all our time. Personally I still think having a mobile side would be dope! But Expo has set the bar really high. It’d be very tough to match what they’re doing, which I think is what people would expect! I still would love to see someone try to make an RN side for RW though!


I’ve been messing with React Native some sort of testing between Capacitor, Expo, React Native and this is another alternative:

Not exactly first class support, but you can reuse a lot of react component logic. You’re
basically in a separate React Native app, but using Apollo Client to connect to the Redwood app. Once in Apollo Client land the knowledge transfers because that’s what Redwood uses with GraphQL. Once you’re at api, you’re just back in your Redwood app because that’s what React Native Apollo Client got linked to.