Redwood v5.0.0 is now available

Today we’re announcing Redwood v5.0.0! :rocket: The highlight of this major is React 18 support and two new experimental features.

Town Hall public meetup: May 4th
Join our monthly town hall where we’ll go over the release notes for this major:

v5.0.0 Highlights

React 18

React 18 support is finally here! In this release, we’ve done as little as possible to upgrade to React 18. That means we’re not using streaming methods like renderToPipeableStream yet. (If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry.) We’ll be adding support for streaming in the future, and may have an experimental release for you to try soon.

TypeScript v5

TypeScript v5 was released in March and we were able to include it in this major because there was surprisingly little we had to do to upgrade to it. We were actually able to remove some of the @ts-expect-error directives we had because they were no longer errors.

Redwood Studio and OpenTelemetry (experimental)

This v5 release includes two new experimental features that work hand-in-hand to bring tracing, observability, and a slick UI to view it all in to your project. Here’s a demo of them in action.

Introducing RedwoodJS Studio Preview: Your Dev Companion

You can try them both out via the yarn redwood experimental CLI command:

yarn redwood experimental setup opentelemetry
yarn redwood experimental studio

Check out the announcement posts here for more details:

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