Redwood Makers Hour/Stand-up

Some us are running with an idea suggested in “Creating a Startup Support Crew”.

We’re going to meet weekly on Fridays at 1830 UTC in room-1 on discord and the aim is do the rounds so we can all help each other stay productive and meet our goals, all are welcome. We’ll follow a pretty standard stand-up format with the exception that we’ll get folks to introduce themselves each time to make sure it’s friendly to folks joining for the first time.

Each meeting we’ll do the rounds and the format we’ll follow for each person is

  • Brief introduction
  • What did you get done last week?
  • What are you plans this week?
  • What are your blockers?

Note you don’t have to talk strictly about dev work, for example you might be working on bolstering interest in your project, that and other topics are fine too.

(CC @keith.t.elliott @kimadeline)


I like the vision @Irev-Dev!

In particular, I look forward to helping each other deliver valuable Redwood apps.


And the next (first) meeting is now on Friday already?

Yeppp the Discord announcement is up!

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Rock 'n roll! Excited to see you all putting this together. And I’m putting the time on my calendar :spiral_calendar:

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Great first session all!

Looking forward to the next.

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@keith.t.elliott @Irev-Dev @kimadeline @noire.munich → I just :heart: seeing a great team come together.

Keith, your enthusiasm + willingness to take a risk and take the lead on this (after my impromptu ask :laughing:) has been awesome. And the way you’ve all joined up to collaborate (Kurt, Thomas, and Kim-Adeline) has been everything I dream about when I dream about what Redwood’s community has the potential to be and do.

Come what may with this current experiment, thank you for making this step happen :rocket:

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Remember Makers, you’re not alone!

The Maker Hour that we kicked off in late March 2021 is rockin’ along.

Please note the following latest groove…

  • Every Wednesday at 9:00pm (2100) UTC (1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT/8:00am AET) for an hour

  • Meet up in the event-live Discord voice channel

  • Roughly following a stand-up format: introductions, what you did last week, what your plans are for this week, any blockers or things you want to share

Also… If you happen to be on the other side of the planet (we meet at lunch time on the west coast of North America) and want to host a session at a different time, let me know and I can coach you along - shoot me a dm on Discord.

Building is so satisfying! (And hard)


I :heart: this - but I can’t find it on click what go where?

And then go here