Redwood Auth is available... So now what do I do?

Hi All! We couldn’t be more excited about all the goodness packed into
Redwood v0.7.0. The amount (and quality) of included community contributions is just amazing.

And, most of all, there’s a new Redwood Auth package :star_struck::tada:

So where should you get started? Well, I’m glad you asked, 'cause there’s more fun to be had than just running the command yarn rw g auth [netlify|auth0].

But, to be clear, that generator is just delightful, right?


New Tutorial “Authentication” Section
If you’re a learn by doing kind of person, definitely check out this addition to the Tutorial. The focus is on adding Netlify Identity, including simple API verification and using the new <Private> Route component.

Authentication Guide
Don’t miss the new documentation, which covers the soup-to-nuts of the Auth package:

  • how to install and config manually
  • using either Netlify Identity or Auth0
  • API-side usage
  • GraphQL queries and mutations, and more!

See it in use: Redwood Example Apps

Redwood Example Blog (AKA the “Hammer” blog)
This project’s README includes a setup walkthrough with instructions to implement Netlify Identity. The difference here is that you’ll get to work with existing code, which is different from what you create in the Redwood Tutorial.

Redwood Example Invoice project
This is an example of a true application (compared to a blog). There are no walkthroughs or setup instructions (yet). But that just means it’ll be a good test of your new-found knowledge after you’ve read some docs :wink:


Show off your Implementation

As always, we would absolutely :heart: to see what you build – especially new ways to implement auth and extend the package. It’s great for the community as a learning process. And it gets the core team and contributors excited.

When you’re ready, the “Show and Tell” category on this forum is the place to post.

Add a New Provider

The Redwood Auth package is designed with quickly adding new Auth providers in mind. If you’d like to see just how simple this can be, check out the Contributing section of the docs.

Here are some things already in motion:

If you’d like to help out, just open an Issue or PR in GitHub and we’ll work with you to get it shipped.

There Will be Bugs (and Questions)

We’ve run the new Auth package through a lot of test implementations, but if you find something’s not working (or just plain broken), don’t hesitate to open a new GitHub Issue.

For general how-tos and discussions, we prefer to have those conversations here on the forums. And, please, don’t be shy! Odds are the questions you have are the same as others. Plus, you have a whole community excited to help you out – just dive in!

OK, I think that covers it. But in case I missed anything, just ask in the comments.

And have fun with v0.7.0! We can’t wait to see what you build.


Hum actually…
I’m working w/ firebase, since it had been a discouraging pain I’ve left it at some point hoping to just grab the next version bump of RW and rework my entire auth with a different provider.
I’ll see from the examples and this new release if I can’t offer something of value to this awesome community :).


That would be so great @noire.munich! Please let us know how we can help. And don’t feel like you have to wait until you have it “figured out” before you open a PR. You’re welcome to open a work-in-progress as a Draft PR and ask for help and feedback along the way.

And 100% agreed about this community – awesome indeed! Thanks for helping to make it that way :grinning: