Recap: Redwood Climate Office Hours on September 28th

Recap: Redwood Climate Office Hours on September 28th

Thank you to everyone who joined our Redwood Climate Office Hours!

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Topic Recap and Overview

Redwood Office Hours is for anyone who is interested in climate software startups. This event is especially for a Redwood developer or entrepreneur who is interested in starting a climate startup or would like to apply for the Redwood Startup Fund.

Tom Preston-Werner, GitHub co founder, shared about the Redwood Startup Fund.

Discussion Topics

  • Explored areas where software can be applied towards climate solutions.
  • Climate-focus entrepreneurial opportunities that have yet been pursued.
  • Manifest Climate startup journey, and how two co-founders used their complimentary skills and expertise to build a company.

Our Panelists

Laura Lizzo and Jeremy Greven

Co-founders of Manifest Climate

Resources and Links

A collection of resources to learn about intersections between software and climate entrepreneurship: