Recap: Redwood Climate Office Hours July 21st

Recap: Redwood Climate Office Hours on June 21th

Thank you to everyone who joined our Redwood Climate Office Hours!

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Topic Recap and Overview:

Redwood Climate Office Hours is for anyone who is interested in climate software startups. This event is especially for a Redwood developer or entrepreneur who is interested in starting a climate startup or would like to apply for the Redwood Startup Fund.

Tom Preston-Werner, GitHub co founder, shared about the Redwood Startup Fund.

Discussion Topics:

  • Actionable climate solutions and software opportunities.
  • Background and experiences that helped our panelists to develop a successful climate startup.
  • Ideas on current gaps in the ecosystem with software and climate.
  • Q+A questions

Our Panelists

If you would like to connect with one of our panelists or learn more about their companies, please visit their website.

Seth Collins

Danny Kennedy

New Energy Nexus

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Paul Seidler

How Get Involved with Evergreen

  1. Attend our flagship event Co_Invest Climate in Chicago on September 7th: Click here for details
  2. Donate: Donate | Evergreen Climate Innovations
  3. Apply for investment (climate tech startups based in the “Greater Midwest” – details on the website; roughly Denver to Pittsburgh): Click here to learn more
  4. Join the mailing list: click here

Resources and Links

For support resources to learn about intersections between software and climate entrepreneurship:

Seth Collins left the strongest impact on me, both his curriculum and eloquence. It seems that he could be perceived as a “competitor” to Tom - other than funding announced by Tom.

Assuming that someone is interested in Tom’s generous funding offer and finds interesting source of information, how could these two sides work together.

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Yes, indeed! Seth and I are continuing discussions about this as well. Really excited about the possibilities ahead.