Platform to find entry-level jobs and projects to gain mastery by building

Built a listing to help entry level devs find roles and projects to contribute to using Redwood! The docs were super helpful, and quite fun. Kudos to the team :clap:

If you have any entry level roles, side projects or programs to get a beginner to build and gain mastery, please share them.


This looks awesome! Love the theme of building community around learning to code as well.

Slight edit suggestion for the copy, on your community page where it says β€œWe’re ragtag band of technology enthusiasts,” you should edit that to say β€œWe’re a ragtag band of technology enthusiasts.”

Very cool! And you built it with chakra :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing. I’m looking for an entry level role myself.

Did you have any issues setting up chakra at the outset?