Performance Management App for Rugby Players

(Re-posting from the Discord chat)

Hey all, new to Redwood (and React, GraphQL & Prisma :thinking:) but I’ve been able to hack together a small app (v0.1) that I’m quite proud of.

It’s a testament to the framework, the tutorial, the docs and the community that I’ve been able to build something with only a bit of front end experience, hats off to the team.

The app is in a pretty niche space, but one I know pretty well - Rugby! Feel free to check it out. (optimised for mobile currently)
Password: GetStrive.App


Congrats on the app and thanks for sharing! It looks really fantastic and I like that it’s a very clean and minimal interface. One thing I’m curious about:

Were you able to do most of this with the stuff Redwood gives you out of the box or did you bring in other extra libraries for styling or anything else like that?

Thanks :smiley: Styling is all tailwind - I’m a UX designer by trade so have a bit of an advantage in that respect.

I might write up a bit more detail about my experience so far, being a beginner to all elements of the stack might be a useful perspective for others

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I’d love to read a write-up like that

@hamishirving Thanks for sharing! I’m I. Your shoes as well, so your example of doing-then-sharing is super encouraging for me. I’ll do my best to follow in your footsteps. Keep us posted as the app progresses. I’m not a rugby player, but maybe I should be :grinning:

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Looks really good. I’m in the same boat, no web development experience and Redwood has let me start to build an app that I think is cool. Once I get it a little further I’ll be sharing on here as well.

Look forward to the write up!