Anyone want to partner on my SaaS?

I’ve built a prototype, received some positive feedback from users and am nearly done with v1 functionality, the problem is I feel like I’m getting close to the limits of my understanding of all the parts of Jamstack. I come from a design background and while I’m encouraged by what Redwood has enabled me to build, I’d like to find another dev to parter with.

I’ve had a few conversations with devs over on Indie Hackers (there’s a group dedicated to Partnering Up), but understandably they’re keen on their own stack which would mean a re-write of what I’ve built so far and much less understanding of what’s happening in the codebase. I really like Redwood and am keen to stick with it.

I’d prefer someone who’s got a bit more full stack experience than me, however if you’re someone who’s new to Redwood and keen to work on a real project, that’s cool too. It’s a side project that I spend around 10 hours a week on.

I previously posted the details of the app over here - Performance Management App for Rugby Players

If you’d like to discuss further, let me know :grinning:

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@hamishirving I’m excited to see this post for so many reasons! It’s our hope that Redwood not only inspires all kinds of new projects/products/companies but even more so that the Redwood Community is where collaboration and connections happen in order to support those projects.

Admittedly, we don’t really have any specific ways to help people connect like this, e.g. a Forum Category or place to connect people<>projects<>people. For now, I’ll think about ways to help spread the word here. And otherwise would welcome ideas from you about how we could better help via creating a specific forum category, or site, or …?

Most of all, good luck with the project! I took a look the first time you posted and got excited.

Thanks for the support @thedavid really appreciate it - excited to share more progress soon :muscle:

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