Netlify Build Plugins are out of beta! Now what?

Now that Netlify’s build plugins are out of beta, which plugins will I need to install?

Prisma Provider, I assume?

Probably want to update the tutorial with this info too, yeh?

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The Prisma provider plugin we wrote is already included when you used yarn create redwood-app since version 0.6.0 I think (?) and should be totally transparent to the developer.

Once Prisma supports dynamic provider names correctly we’ll update the tutorial with whatever technique they come up with for swapping it out (hopefully just setting an ENV var).

Although we do have instructions for opting into the plugin beta…I’ve got an open question out to them as to whether that’s still necessary and can we remove that step!

We can remove that section of the tutorial (that tells you how to optin to the build plugins beta)!

I’ve made a Netlify Build plugin to help validate envs when deploying.

See topic: Netlify Build Plugin to Validate RedwoodJS Env Setup

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