Netlify Build Plugin to Validate RedwoodJS Env Setup

I made a Netlify Build Plugin to validate RedwoodJS environment variables when deploying to Netlify.


Well, the first time I deployed a RedwoodJS to Netlify, it broke because (as many probably have) I didn’t really read the docs close enough to know that I had to include them in my redwood.toml.

I realized that I’d have to make sure I keep the env in sync or otherwise I’d run into breaking apps over and over and having to figure out what env I added, forgot, or mistyped.

This build plugin is here to help!


When a deploy fails because you forgot to include it in your toml.

It aims to check that the environment variables needed for a healthy running RedwoodJS app have been properly setup; and it helps to keep them in sync between the .env.defaults to redwood.toml and the deployment environment configuration.

For more information

See the plugin for setup and usage or visit a demo of an example redwoodjs-env-validator-playground app.


This is the first Netlify Build Plugin I’ve made, so suggestions, issue, and improvements are welcome!


Rad! Thanks, @dthyresson

@dthyresson This would be a rad addition to the Awesome Redwood repo:

Thanks again for building this!

@thedavid I didn’t know that awesome-redwood existed. I’ll add/PR and checkout these listings. Thnx.


Done. PR made.

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