July 30th Meetup: Recordings, Links, and Review

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for our second Redwood Meetup on July 30th! We had a blast and enjoyed the demos, discussions, sneak peeks, walkthroughs, and especially getting to meet many of you for the first time. :rocket:

As promised, here are links and more information from the Meetup.

Video Recordings

As of yesterday, we have a new RedwoodJS YouTube Channel. :tv:

Main Session

Video Link & content:

  • Introduction
  • Redwood Architecture and Q&A
  • Data Migrations & Q&A (new feature)
  • Repeater.dev Demo
  • Tape.sh Demo
  • Contributing to Redwood
  • VS Code IDE Extension Demo

Data Migrations Session

Video Link & content:

  • Background Jobs
  • Customizing Generators

Demos & Presentations

Tape.sh Build with RedwoodJS

Danny showed off his company’s new product, Tape.sh, which is built with Redwood. Looking for easy gif screen capture? Tape.sh to the rescue!

Data Migrations

Rob walked us through the new Data Migrations feature available in v0.15

VS Code IDE Extension

Aldo took us on a tour of the new VS Code IDE Extension for Redwood.

Redwood Architecture and Components

Tom walked us through the concepts and tools that make Redwood work under the hood. There’s a full discussion topic with doc links over here.


I (David) talked about what it means to be a part of the Redwood Community and how you’re invited to jump in! ('Cause even Rob gets nervous sometimes.) If you’re interested, please check out the section toward the end of the Main Session video. And you can also read through this early forum comment I wrote on Best way to Start Contributing. There are many equally important ways to get involved. And if you need any help or have any questions, drop us a line!

We think the next Meetup will happen in about a month during August. Please keep a lookout for announcements once we have a final date and time. We look forward to being with you again.