Going to production with my Redwood-powered side-project

Five months ago, I saw Redwood on Hacker News right when I was researching my options for migrating from a Django background to build on JS.

I couldn’t hide my excitement with Redwood as I started playing with it. From the first day, I checked with the core team to see if it would be too crazy to write something for production that early.

I decided to take the challenge and started building on it. A few months later and I’ve just deployed my first production app entirely written in RedwoodJS:

–> Duoflag - Immigration pathways and jobs with visa sponsorship.

I still want to play with a few things (such as trying to decrease the JS bundle sizes) before I share about it on Product Hunt and Hacker News.

Thanks so much for everyone’s work, it’s been such a pleasure to hack with Redwood.


Congrats @betocmn ! :tada: Love the tailwindui.

I noticed a slight flicker in the route navigate changes which is fixed in this (next) RW release so I would not forget to upgrade.

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Amazing work! This is really nice, thanks for sticking with RedwoodJS, please do let us know anything you think we can improve, it’s especially important for us to hear from folks using Redwood in production.

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Very cool project. Any chance on having the UK soon?

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@dthyresson Loving tailwindui as well. And great to know about the fix, I will upgrade for sure. Thanks so much for letting me know.

@mojombo Thanks so much. For a long time, I’ve wished for a simpler yet powerful stack for my little side projects and the beauty of my single repo on redwood + netlify deployment fulfils a big part of it. I know a lot of people are working on the database deployment/security angle, and that is probably my biggest pain point. I hope to continue contributing back to the project, thanks again!

@csellis So glad to hear it, thanks so much! Any definitely, coming really soon: NZ, JP, UK, US, SG and RU.


This is so great! :rocket::rocket:

From the first day, I checked with the core team to see if it would be too crazy to write something for production that early.

Well, ahem, was it too early? :laughing:

Ok, so what’s next and how can we be of further help? Would be excited to do so if there’s a need.

And our next RedwoodJS Meetup will be on Friday Aug 28th at 10:30am Pacific – any chance you’d like to show off the project, talk about your experience, and answer questions?

It helped that It took me a little longer to develop the site, and was great to upgrade version by version. I can say v0.16.0 is doing extremely well. I was a little worried about the Router and bundle sizes because a lot of Duoflag’s users consume the website from developing countries with, usually, slower connections. But it’s doing well so far : )

If it’s helpful, I can write a blog post about my entire migration from Django to Redwood, including the things I missed the most (or had issues with) for this website launch. A quick example was how to structure query filters more flexibly and generically to be easy to use from the front-end and having a centralised implementation in the backend to translate to Prisma queries. Probably something I think that would be cool to have built-in.

I can’t make it this day, I’m so sorry : (. That time makes it difficult for me as well as it will be 3:30 am in my timezone (AEST).

But hopefully, a blog post would still be helpful for the community. What do you think?

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A blog post and/or feedback of any kind would definitely be valuable:

  • help others from your lessons and patterns
  • offer some guidance for feature and convention improvements

Either would be awesome. Both would be :rocket:

And, yes, AES timezone does make 10:30am Pacific hard! We’ve talked about needing to find some time options for others around the globe. So how about this for future discussion: once you feel you have a draft of specific feedback/suggestions/etc, we could try to plan a Meetup that works for some of the core Redwood team and you (and anyone else on your end). We could let people publicly join to watch and learn and ask, but mainly we’d just make time to go through your project and let you talk through things.

To consider. And no rush.

100%, @thedavid. And I completely understand about the timezones. It’s the start of the community, so as Redwood grows, the timezone issue will be solved organically with more people and more meetups, I’m sure.

And I like your plan, sounds great. I will work on the blog post very soon, thanks so much!

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