Give the RedwoodJS SplashPage more 🌊 Splash!

You’ve built a few RedwoodJS apps or maybe just run through the Tutorial and likely have seen:


a few times – and I bet you thought, “this needs more :cow: :bell:” or

image .

Plus, I chose “Redwood router”? What’s that about?

It’s time as we approach a v1.0 and a release candidate to give this first experience some love.

You can find the source for the Splash Page in the router package:

Some general considerations:

  • All markup and styles need to be within the component
  • Shouldn’t rely on TailwindCss
  • Supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Quick to load, so relatively lightweight
  • Friendly, engaging, exciting
  • Reflects mission and sentiment from Docs - Introduction : RedwoodJS Docs
  • Shows release and version info?

Open to new animation, mascot/characters, helpful links to resources … be creative!

And – practically every RedwoodJS dev will get to see your work at some point. How cool is that?

Reply here if you are interested and will be posting either a repo to contribute to or some other way to showcase your work so people can see and maybe vote for the page that becomes part of v1!


Some inspiration could possibly also be found in the bullet points listed here

(Thanks @ajcwebdev for linking it to me)

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A little background on this page since I made it and you’ll have to be careful not to hurt my feelings :wink:

At the time we envisioned the router potentially being a standalone package that people could install separately into any React app. So if you were seeing this page it’s because you were using the Redwood router and not necessarily Redwood in general. @mojombo coded this up nearly a year ago and we never revisited! :grimacing:

We didn’t want a huge list of instructions or mini tutorial or anything because as soon as you generate any page (probably the first thing you’ll do on a new app), you’ll never see this again and so not be able to see those instructions any more. We showed just enough to get you “past” this page and into your real app, but we didn’t have any generators yet so the only example we had was how to manually add a route. :grimacing:

We didn’t have any links to the site or docs because none of them existed when we made this page. :grimacing:

But yes, we’d love to see a refresh! We’d probably even fund a cute illustration to be shown on first load, welcoming new folks. Here’s what Rails does:

I’m actually a little surprised there aren’t ANY links to resources here.


This isn’t the nicest looking but I like the details from the apache project for their home page on a new server.

Here’s an example:

This is what Create-React-App gives you (the logo is spinning)