Give the RedwoodJS Discord some flair✨

Inspired by @dthyresson’s post about giving the RedwoodJS Splashpage a lift (Give the RedwoodJS SplashPage more :ocean: Splash!) I thought it would be nice, in preparation for RedwoodJS version 1.0, to give the Discord some more flair.


Below is a screenshot of how it looks like now, and a suggestion on how it could look like.



Looping in/nominating @kimadeline as Chief Emoji Officer.

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@jeliasson I think this is a great idea! And we can definitely make this happen!

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I like how you reordered/regrouped a few things as well!

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@jeliasson let me know what you think I just made it look PURTY

Looks great! :clap:

A few icons don’t align well. Maybe we can try some different ones as we go. If you want to try the divider in the screenshot, it is this character (not the normal pipeline |). Nevertheless, looks :sparkles:

Yeah can work on the icons a little more its different on each device though they align perfect on mac

But are different on PC


I think it looks great! Good job folks.

I dig the new flair!

Love it! Definitely screams “we’re moving forward, folks”

My only nit-pick is replacing the checkered flag on “Start Here”. Checkered flags symbolize the end of a race :grimacing::joy:


Haha I added that at the last second. But that’s true think it’s good to remove.

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