Frontend templates built for redwood?

I’m about to start building a new MVP and I want to use the redwood generators for everything that I make on the frontend. I like the redwood workflow, I like the file structure, I like having the stories and tests already set up, etc. However, I do not want to spend a lot of time focusing on frontend design for this project right now, and I typically just use a template when I’m creating an MVP like this.

Here are a couple of examples of templates that I’ve used for MVP’s over the years:

Is anyone aware of any templates that follow the redwood file structure and have all of the stories and tests in place? I don’t mind paying for a good template if it’s out there.

Check out Chakra-UI and Tailwindcss and UI. Both are supported with Redwood setup commands and work by default with Storybook.

The Chakra team is active and helpful in the Redwood community as well.

1 Like and are both excellent UI Component libraries using Tailwindcss.


Thanks, all. I’m going to give Chakra a try.
Also, just came across this collection of links, which might be useful to anyone getting started w Chakra:


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