'deploy aws' not making cloudfront?

hi. I am newbie.

when I did try

yarn rw deploy aws

it does well. but not creating cloudfront.
I thought this command would create cloudfront, so I could connect to that url directly just as serverless framework did to next.js, But It seems like I had mistaken.
if it does not create cloudfront, yarn rw deploy aws is what for ? could I treat the static files (that is stored in s3) and serverless functions manually ?

I know It will be solved just using netlify. but in my experience, site performance is faster when deploying aws directly than deploying netlify (I don’t know why it is). the second reason is that now I’m modifying official document about AWS Serverless Deploy . I think this doc need to be more detail. If not, many user will be frustrated just like I did. but I couldn’t find any extra information about it.

thank you for reading and ask for your understanding for English (english is not my 1st language).

Hi @coleea Newbies are :100: welcome here!

You are correct. The current deploy aws implementation does not include deploying the web assets on Cloudfront, which means it is only for deploying the api/dist to AWS Lambdas.

It’s a community contribution and just didn’t get finished.

You can add the config for deploying the web/dist assets to Cloudfront. Under the hood, this deployment uses the serverless.com framework. Take a look at these docs:

If all that seems too complicated to get started but you still want to manage your own deployment on AWS, check out running Redwood in a traditional server via Docker (or otherwise). Some docs and threads about this:

thank you for great answer as before. :grinning:

I undertand what is going on now.

So I could write document referring your answer. I hope implementing 'deploy aws ’ will be completed in near future. if so, I assume quite a many people would join in this community. :+1:

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^^ This would be very welcome! And we could use your document to help finish the implementation.

Please keep me posted. Either here in the Forums or on GitHub Issues.