Chakra UI Docs have old setup way

I was looking into ui libraries to use and I was reading Chakra UI docs. I noticed that on their docs they have a RedwoodJs section on how to set it up in redwood which is awesome.

I also noticed that the docs for the setup they have are a bit outdated. They do not mention the new handy setup command yarn rw setup ui chakra-ui and have the manual step by step.

I don’t know if the Redwood team has a contact there or if we can make a contribution to their docs with the update but it would be nice to document this simpler setup way there.


@aguscha333 it’s a pleasure to introduce you to @nikolovlazar who’s on the Core Team at Chakra-UI.

Agustina, if you’re looking into Chakra, I also want to make sure you saw this recent thread:

There’s a lot we could do to further the integration with Chakra. For example. Redwood generator templates can be customized — after running the setup ui chakra-ui command, what if there was another command to update generator templates to use Chakra?

I know Lazar and the Chakra team are very busy with their own growing community, but they’re also really excited about helping with Redwood. From my point of view, a missing piece is a Redwood community member who would be interested in taking lead on Redwood+Chakra and working across both Core Teams.

No pressure here for that to be you, Augustina. Writing this for anyone to consider if interested.

Thanks, all! I’ll let you take things from here.

I had not read that thread. I have not used Chakra UI before but I am planning to use it for the test project that I am creating.

I can try to run point these two issues that appear to be at the moment with Chakra UI that are:

  • update the docs to inform the user of the new and easier way to setup Chakra UI with RedwoodJs
  • Best way to handle forms with Chakra UI in RedwoodJs, the thread seemed to reach a good solution but it looks like it needs to be documented. I’ll test it and see what docs can come out of that. If the solution needs tweaking I’ll look into that as well.

If those go well, for other future issues I can be the lead on those as well. I am interested in Chakra UI because they make a strong point of being accessible and that is sth that I am working on a lot so working with both is probably something that will interest me in the long run.

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We’re very close to also getting support for mantine. I’d check it out before deciding which one to go with. Just like Chakra they have a focus on a11y. They also have a collection of prebuilt components

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The PR for mantine support: `rw setup ui mantine` & built-in styles for Chakra by nickpdemarco · Pull Request #4900 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

oh it looks really nice! thanks

Thank you! Truly no pressure or expectations. Thank you in advance for your interest.

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In a dilemma between chakra and mantime, why not offer both - as they look very appealing

I took a look at mantine and it looks really nice! I would like to give it a try at some point. Maybe when the setup code is merged.

That being said, one thing that I did notice is that their form components are in a form library that they provide that would need to be used instead of the redwood one. And theirs does not have react-hook-form as a dependency so it is completely done from scratch by them. Not saying this is a bad thing but deffinitely would requrie some deeper research before deciding to go with it. Maybe there is a way to use hook form instead but would need to check it

@thedavid I created a PR in the chakra docs repo to update the RedwoodJs setup docs docs: update redwoodjs setup instructions by aguscha333 · Pull Request #500 · chakra-ui/chakra-ui-docs · GitHub


Great! Thank you so much.

Just making sure @nikolovlazar sees this to connect the dots.

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Got it! Thanks for the PR, @aguscha333! I had to close it because there was one already opened for it, but I linked the old one with your issue. Thank you for taking the time :pray:

Oh I had not seen that, thanks

Hello, Lazar (we met before in Chakra discord context). I thought to mention that I dropped my anchor pretty firmly at RedwoodJS framework, and as I still love Chakra UI, so I expect to meet you more often :wink:

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That’s great, @adriatic!