Best way to start contributing

Hey there. I just finished the Redwood tutorial and I’m super into it. I’d like to start contributing to the project. What’s the best way for me to get involved?


Wow, can’t :heart: this enough @desa We are a small team, so just lean into the assumption that 1) we welcome any/all collaboration and 2) if we are quiet it’s only because we are underwater or trying to focus and ship a thing!

First off, please don’t underestimate the value of contributing communication here on the forums and on the redwoodjs/redwood repo Issues.

For contributing to code and documentation ('cause the two things go hand in hand), you’ll want to start “watching” these two repos on Github:

So where to get started? That can be the hardest part. Go with your comfort level and focus on things that have your interest or where there are questions/issues that came up for you in the tutorial. Just take a simple step and you’ll find the momentum starts to compound quickly.

And definitely get yourself in the loop. Pay attention to incoming issues, what’s getting the most conversation, and the PRs getting merged. Right now we are really just trying to triage new issues, resolve duplicates, get critical bugs fixed, and, most importantly, great everyone with a huge “welcome! we are so thankful you are here.”

Our top roadmap priorities right now:

  1. Typescript support:
  2. Enhancing Jest support/testing:
  3. Integrating Storybook:

These come from this overall list of features we want to support sooner than later.

Getting set up locally for package development is painful at times (especially if you’re new to local node.js dev). We are using yarn link, but want to create our own tooling (discussion here). Here’s what you should read about getting set up and contributing in general:

Lastly, you’ll want to understand the overall vision and direction. We are designing and building for things that don’t yet exist (e.g. serverless db’s) — without understanding the vision, some of the current implementations don’t make total sense. So make sure you look through the Introduction README doc by Tom:


Thanks! Redwoodjs is totally awesome! In love with it.

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Where is the main site hosted? Found a few errors in the tutorials for which I would like to submit changes.


@jvarela Thanks in advance!

Website repo is here:
Org on GitHub here:

Lastly if anyone is curious, @rob whipped up his own simple website framework to get the tutorial and docs live. It’s worth a look if you ever have need for something ultra-lightweight:


Sweet, thanks! I’ve also opened a couple of PR’s to fix small errors that I came across while doing the tutorial.

Keep up the great work guys, I’m :heart: RedwoodJS so far!

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