Any pagination generator out there? Similiar to will_paginate

I need a pagination for my app, any quick generator out there?


Not that I know of, but I’m working on a tutorial on how to add it. Expect to publish next week


I love being part of this community, always holding my back

Looking forward to your cookbook example

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Take a look at Apollo pagination:

The basic offset based one should be compatible with Prisma. Of course, you need to build the server Prisma part and a React component using this data yourself.


Has anyone found the Prisma docs helpful?

Is having a generator do code mod a thing? For example, imagine I have a service for posts, would it be acceptable to run yarn rw g paginate posts and then it mods my service to have a query that adds a function in there with a paginated query (using Prisma)?

If not, is the correct solution to adjust the current generator to include pagination by default? Should a new cell exist that is a “PaginatedCell”?

A few generators already do modify code: deploy and tailwind for example.

What you just described would be rad!

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The example blog has pagination! There’s no generator but you could copy/paste! Here’s the component and it’s used like this on the component that would show page numbers.

Basically, it sends page and limit params through [GraphQL](( which then get turned into skip and take for Prisma in the service.


I have a few tweaks I want to make before I post about it in “Show & Tell”, but if anyone here wants to do a run through and provide feedback that would be awesome :slight_smile:

@Tobbe Could you turn into cookbook exemple. It would improve the accessibility of this tutorial I’m pretty sure many people want to have some help in this area.

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Absolutely, if that’s what everyone wants.

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