YouTube Tutorial Help

I’m following along with Part 2 of the tutorial (RedwoodJS Tutorial, Part 2 - YouTube)

I’ve gotten to the step where I did
yarn rw g scaffold post
When I go back to check the site as is done in the tutorial, I find this error:
ReferenceError: AboutPage is not defined

My Routes file looks like this - I haven’t modified it. The steps I followed in the tutorial have modified it, and broken it somehow. Did I miss a step? How do I fix this?


I’ve done some more poking around. It appears that the pages folder was moved into the Layouts folder. I’m not sure if this happened automatically when I used the scaffold command or if I did it accidentally somehow

I re-started the tutorial series, and it turns out I’m just a clutz and somehow moved the pages folder into the layouts folder.

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Hey @brilang glad you got that fixed! I’ve made so many mistakes like that. :sweat_smile: Redwood’s file structure take a little bit of getting used to but it becomes second nature in no time.