Yarn rw upgrade should check for no running instance

Just a warning and a suggestion: Just tried to upgrade my project to 1.0.0-rc.final and had it hang on the yarn install phase. Turns out I had yarn rw dev running and didn’t realize it. Simply exiting the instance didn’t cause the upgrade to resume. Upgrade was successful after exiting the running project, doing git restore to undo the changes made before the yarn install phase, and then rerunning yarn rw upgrade --tag rc
Perhaps upgrade should check that there are no running instances before proceeding?

Interesting, I actually would have expected it to proceed — maybe it was a resource issue as well.

Regardless, this is a good idea and we already do a check like this in the dev command. Could you open an Issue about this on GitHub - redwoodjs/redwood: The App Framework for Startups?

Will do. And appreciate the guidance as to where you’d like formal reports of issues like this.

I figured this wasn’t the best place for this, but wanted to put it here as well just in case others may hit this snag

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All good! Yeah, we have too many options. But, honestly, I kinda like the flow of 1) start with community discussion then 2) open issue or PR. Seems to get more momentum that way. And also reduces a bit of the GitHub load and backlog.

And/or the biggest effect is that a lot of people end up turning a conversation into a PR when it starts as community discussion.

So for anyone reading this, know that Redwood :heart:’s contributors, especially those contributing to Open Source for the first time!

No pressure :wink:

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