"yarn rw setup auth dbAuth" does not work

Hi all,

I‘m using node version 18.4.0 and yarn version 1.22.17. CLI command “yarn create redwood-app my-redwood-project” works fine and I was able to go through first 3 chapters, but I have a problem with “yarn rw setup auth dbAuth”.

First error I got was “npm command is not found…”. Then, after I ran “yarn add npm -W” and again “yarn rw setup auth dbAuth” I got “Unexpected token $ in JSON at position 0…”:


Any idea how to solve this issue?

Thanks a lot,


Hey @martin_dev, it looks to me like the problem is your yarn version. Redwood apps come with yarn 3, so I’d think that out of the gate you’d be on that version (it may not be v3 on your machine, but in the project it should)—could you post the results from yarn rw info here?

version of yarn is 1.22.17 after yarn rw info

Ok, sounds like it’s the yarn version. Do you recall downgrading it? Or did it just come that way from the yarn create redwood-app? (You don’t have the ./yarn/releases directory there?) I can also point you to these instructions for upgrading yarn manually, it’s not too involved at all:

I upgraded the version and everything is working fine, thanks :slight_smile:

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