Working Group: Render Modes (SSR)

I’m looking for individuals who can participate in a project for 2-3 months. Activities will include:

  • attending regular group meetings
  • research and communication
  • project and group organizing/management
  • contributing code to the framework
  • testing and qa

Render Modes

With this experimental version, we are making a significant change in the way you think about, and build Redwood apps. Redwood now becomes SSR-first, and moves away from the JAMStack model. You can decide whether your Routes are streamed from the server, then hydrated on the client or if you just want a static HTML page, based on the renderMode prop. We also introduce new ways of “fetching” data using route hooks (in addition to GraphQL+Cells), and enable features like being able to set HTML meta headers for SEO and link unfurling.


  • deploy to serverful providers using docker
  • deploy to serverless providers (Netlify, Vercel) using build adapters
  • remove the need for separate web and api workspaces
  • architect and plan for auth support during SSR
  • identify points of “conceptual weakness” — where does the use of route hooks and render modes feel disjointed e.g. using server data on non-page components
  • explore possibility of using platform agnostic web servers like GitHub - hattipjs/hattip: Like Express, but for the future
  • architect and plan for RSC support — and how does this play with render modes


This project will have a Core Team lead and Community lead, who will facilitate the project and participants.

There will be regular real-time meetings. A majority of the work will take place async via Forums, Notion doc, and GitHub PRs.

Next Steps

If you have questions or suggestions, please reply below.

If you are interested in participating, please complete this form: