[workaround] Help! Property '[table]' does not exist on type 'PrismaClient<{ log: LogDefinition[]; }, never, false>

Yikes! I’ve hit this problem in the past and have managed to fix it in unverifiable ways (not knowing what actually fixed it)

Now it’s really ripping me down…

I’ve run: yarn rw prisma generate – no errors

I’ve run: yarn rw generate types – no errors

I’ve restarted w/: yarn rw dev – no errors

My schema.prisma file looks good & saves well

But in all my files any usage of db.tableName.whateverCommand is flagged by typescript as not defined.

So something is foo-barred, but I don’t know what and can’t figure out how to find/correct the error

I had a previous 35.2 project & copied all my work to that one and I’m back in business.

As much as I loved 36.2 I’ll have to wait a little longer…

Reading about Envelop and Helix is very exciting and I am not going to wait patiently…