Wondering if RSC is production ready - dbAuth

We are considering using RSC for our new product. The product is supposed to be very simple, just a dashboard with 3 or 4 tabs. But we are going to need auth as well. I watched RSC tutorials on YouTube, and read blogs as well. If seems simpler change with rather large advantages.

However, I am wondering if previously written tutorials are already applicable. Specifically, I really like dbAuth to get the head start on the development.

  1. Are there a lot of changes required to get dbAuth working in RSC? If yes, shall we expect a tutorial soon enough? Or
  2. The existing tutorial is mostly applicable except changing RSC related things mentioned in the Town Hall?
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Hello! Glad you’re interested in RSC! dbAuth (and other auth provider) support is currently a work in progress and does not work with RSC as of the latest canary.

The current tutorial will diverge from RSC pretty quickly, since it’s heavy centered on GraphQL. We’ll be creating a new tutorial once RSC is closer to an equivalent 1.0 release.

We like to think of the current canary with RSC to be great for “read-only” apps, but that’s about it. You can work around some of the issues by creating a custom function and having that act as an API that can write to the database for you.

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Thank you @rob for the reply. It makes sense. I will probably stick to traditional RW for this project then. Very excited about RCS and the direction RedwoodJS is heading in. Great work!

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