Why not use Nexus?


Love you all are trying to accomplish with RedwoodJS. Super appreciate work like this as JavaScript fatigue is real.

One major thought: in your pursuit of being first class TypeScript support have you considered using a framework like https://www.nexusjs.org/ to handle the GraphQL schema and typing instead of creating your own way with *.sdl.js and services?

One minor thought: I have a lot of experience in JS and recently moved to a new job that is all Rails. One of my gripes with Rails is there is too much “magic”. Things like naming things correctly and they just work. And I see a little bit of that with Redwood’s Cell “magic” exports. Maybe there isn’t a way around that, but I (and probably others) can find it difficult to read through code where “magic” happens and I couldn’t easily infer from the code what is going on or how things are used.

Thanks again, looks like the framework is off to an awesome start!

We actually started with Nexus support and then ended up removing it. In the benefit vs. developer experience struggle it lost. The syntax was just too verbose to end up with the “same thing” you get from the simple syntax provided by Apollo for GraphQL SDL.

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