Where does the default export in cells come from? (or why is vscode confused?)

I cannot get the squiggly line (“has no default export”) in vs code to disappear from my newly generated cell.

I new to Redwood, building a small app for editing of some hierarchical structures, probably using mantine-react-table as the gui component.

I anticipate different pages that will have slightly different views and/or editing methods on the data, and I think that means I will have different cells against the same Prisma model.

To generate a new cell, I used yarn rw g cell DriverGridCell --list (the Prisma model is Driver). I can update the generated cell so that it references the existing model, and everything seems to work fine. Still, my editor complains
Module '"xxxxxx/web/src/components/DriverGridsCell/DriverGridsCell"' has no default export.ts(1192) when importing to the page.

When I look at some of the other autogenerated cells, there is also no default export, but no error. What is different is that vscode finds the code in the .redwood folder, where there is something that has a default export…

So, there is some magic here that I don’t understand, and a squiggly line I can’t get rid of.

Any pointers?

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Wondering the same. Started using typescript for a change and getting these warnings (errors?).

I’ve had this sometimes.
Does rw g types help? I find myself running that command quite a lot

Hey @ahjulstad,

Your problem should go away if you change the import from

'web/src/components/DriverGridsCell/DriverGridsCell' to

VSCode’s auto import picks the first one annoyingly, which causes this behaviour. Running rw g types is usually a good idea too :slight_smile:

To answer your question in the title though, the default export in Cells comes from Redwood’s build tooling. We generate the default export for you :slight_smile:

To get TS to not complain, we generate types (you’ll see them in .redwood/types/mirror - this is where the actual TS definitions of the Cells are located.

(also headsup, we finally have a fix for cmd+click on Cells too fix(types): Generate maps to allow improved "go to definition" behaviour by Josh-Walker-GM · Pull Request #9269 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub)