Where do I put images for my cookbook


I am converting a Cookbook into that I posted in the forums to a markdown file that I will submit as a PR to be included in the RedwoodJS.com site.

And, I have a basic question: Where should I put the images that I need to include?

Here’s a screenshot image location from the GoTrue Auth Cookbook: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/300/82271191-f5850380-992b-11ea-8061-cb5f601fa50f.png

Should I do something like that, or include my screenshot images in the folder system of the RedwoodJS.com site?

I appreciate the help!

Hey @keith.t.elliott, all the images I’ve ever used for docs have been just like that link you posted. I’m not sure if it’d be better one way or another but I do know that if you paste an image into a github box, you get a link back! So feel free to do it that way, and then just reference it in markdown like:


We just use GitHub as a free-for-life CDN service! Paste your image into any random comment box on GitHub and copy out the URL they give you. I asked Tom once if he thought they might purge old images some day, but he said that’ll never happen! WE SHALL SEE


Cool, thanks guys. I’ll follow your lead - what a fun little GitHub hack :slight_smile: