Where can I learn more about GraphQL?

If you complete the RedwoodJS tutorial, you’ll actually use and learn many GraphQL concepts that are requisite knowledge for successfully building apps with GraphQL.

GraphQL Concepts in the Tutorial

  • You’ll learn about SDL and schemas.
  • You’ll write a service that acts as your resolver.
  • You’ll start using directives for authentication.
  • You’ll make queries and mutations.
  • You’ll already be using some of the leading tools brought to you by The Guild.

Ok – that’s a lot of terminology. Fortunately, RedwoodJS GraphQL server does the heavy lifting for you by merging your schema and integrating with GraphQL Yoga so you can just start building an API.

Further Reading

Here are some places you can visit to learn more about GraphQL.

You can also browse the code in the RedwoodJS graphQL-server package to see how it’s built and the various tools used.