When do stories make sense for pages?

I’m currently trying to wrap my head around the whole storybook integration.

One case that doesn’t become clear to me is the following:

Imagine I have a Todo app, that has a Page called Homepage, the Homepage has two components on itself: TodoAdd (Which is a form to add the todo), and TodoCell which renders the todo’s.

Both of those components have their own stories, which also includes mock data and graphQL mocks.

If you want to make the HomepagePage story work, you’d need to duplicate all the mock data and GraphQL mocks from the TodoAdd.stories.js and TodoCell.stories.js.

Does it in that case even make sense to create a story for the actual page? What would be the core philosophy be around this by the core team?

Let me know if I need to write out my thoughts a bit better :slight_smile: