What is Redwood Heroes?

Have you ever wondered more about the humans behind Redwood? :thinking: Wonder no more!

Redwood Heroes is part of the Redwood newsletter where we feature stories about people in the Redwood community. Stories of grit, failure, and passion from the people behind the code. It’s the stories that connect us all. Whether we are helping each other troubleshoot bugs or giving feedback on a PR or answering a question in Discord, we are all part of a great community with a mission to make the web a better place.

To me, developers are not heroes simply because they slay dragons. Like the members of the Redwood community, they are heroes because they choose the great adventure of being brave while building for the future. :woman_superhero:

Want to nominate a Redwood hero who has helped or inspired you? DM me anytime with suggestions, comments or questions!

Can’t wait to hear from you! :wave: