What happened to autocompletion from Prisma?

Having used Prisma in the past using their ORM you usually have a nice intellisense out-of-the-box. That seems to be lost with Redwoodjs somehow which a bummer.

const { PrismaClient } = require('@prisma/client')
const db = new PrismaClient()

If these two lines above can be included in the scaffold specifically in api/src/services/posts/posts.js

The other thing is the the test file along side it. Should be more fleshed out because it’s just a basic crud file that has been scaffolded out.

Maybe considering contacting prisma regarding having a sample test.

The default test case looks like this right now,

import { posts } from './posts'

describe('posts', () => {
  it('returns true', () => {

Ah, we have been discussing the same thing. Yes, we autoimport that, but currently reconsidering whether or not that has just created confusion. I’ll mention this comment as well. Thanks!

Also just realized that’s to this question we don’t recommend that as an option in CRA .vscode/extensions.json Will create an issue about adding.

Oh man, do we have a lot of work to do with tests + templates. Jest config has been a major barrier but is a top priority we are working on currently. Then we are going to get back to the templates.

It might be a touch soon, but we would 100% welcome help + audit across all our generated templates. Each template can be found in the redwood cli/ package commands/generate/templates

We are planning to ship CRA with built-in GH Action for lint + test. So these need to be both passing and useful, not just filler artifacts people delete.